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Webinar – Ignore the draft! How to improve your CDR so draft season isn’t stress season

Draft cohort default rates for higher education institutions have been released, which inevitably causes many financial aid and default prevention professionals to stress. Sound familiar? If so, we invite you to change the way you think about draft season. Register for our webinar “Ignore the Draft! How To Improve Your…

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If you have student loans you will want this resource [infographic]

Whether you’re an incoming student, undergrad, graduate, or alum, iontuition™ offers learning modules and live counseling to help you successfully manage your student loans. Even under the most challenging circumstances, we work with students to find repayment plans that work best for each individual borrower. For more information on iontuition, check…

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Eye On School Success: Florida Gulf Coast University

Florida Gulf Coast University is a public university in Fort Myers, Florida. The university is actually quite young; it was established in 1991 when the state Board of Regents recommended that a new state university be established in Southwestern Florida. Now, almost 25 years later, the campus is home to…

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You have finally graduated, now what?! [infographic]

You’ve completed the hardest part of your life so far (college), but are you prepared to enter the real world? Read and share this infographic full of helpful tips that will help new grads, like yourself, get integrated into life after college. Want to learn more? Check out iontuition’s ionLearn…

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10 questions to ask your financial aid office [infographic]

Friday, May 1 is National College Decision Day. You’ve made your school selection! Congrats!… Now what? One of the next steps, now that you know where you’ll be attending, is sitting down with a financial aid administrator at your college of choice. These  meetings can be overwhelming, with all the new…

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