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IonTuition Has More Content Than Ever Before

IonLearn now has even more content IonTuition’s financial literacy library is growing to include more articles, how-tos, and infographics on financial literacy topics. The new library includes topics on: Borrowing: learn about bankruptcy, credit cards, credit scores, and loans. Buying: learn about budgeting, paying by check/credit, and safe shopping tips. Higher Education: insightful entries on college and…

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Employees need more than student loan repayment assistance benefits feature image
Employees need MORE than student loan repayment assistance benefits

Student loan repayment assistance has become the hottest new workplace benefit, and for a good reason. Students graduate from college with thousands of dollars in student loan debt. As a forward-thinking employer, your first reaction is probably to jump on the student loan assistance bandwagon to help fuel your recruitment…

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Celebrate financial literacy month with these top financial literacy articles

April is Financial Literacy Month, and although we like to provide financial literacy best practices throughout the year, we’re glad April is dedicated to highlighting the importance of establishing healthy financial habits. To celebrate, we’re rounding up our best financial literacy articles. We’ve broken this into three sections: Top financial…

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iontuition earns finalist spot in the 2016 EdTech Digest Cool Tool Awards

We are excited to be recognized as a finalist in the EdTech Digest Cool Tool Awards – Parent/Student Solution. The Parent/Student category recognizes companies who work to resolve challenges parents and students face in education. iontuition was recognized for empowering families to make informed financial decisions about higher education. We…

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Header image: Financial aid professionals and students are not on the same page
These three statistics highlight the disconnect between financial aid pros and students

We recently conducted two surveys in an effort to better understand how people experience student loan borrowing and repayment. The first survey, which received the name “Borrowers in the Dark” asked students and graduates with student debt questions about their student loan knowledge. If it wasn’t obvious from the title,…

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financial literacy trends, survey, financial aid
Annual report reveals top trends in college financial literacy programs, the leading education-fintech company that specializes in helping borrowers monitor and manage their student loans, today released results from its recent survey of financial aid professionals who said that financial literacy programs could benefit from better integration of technology and stronger communication with students after they graduate.

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Employee benefits, financial wellness, student loans
Common-sense benefits for employees stressed about student loan debt

Stress is a factor in everyone’s life. The main source of stress is financial concerns, according to the American Psychological Association. Almost three-quarters of adults report they’re stressed about money at least part of the time and 64% cite money as their top source of stress. The impact of that…

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