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what are the best employee benefits
Best Benefits That Employers Offer

Individuals working over 40 hours per week deserve to have a job that they love. People often consider their job perks to be the reason why they love their job, and research suggests employee benefits may be more valuable to workers than their salary. Employee perks programs are expanding as services…

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How good is your student loan benefit program?

Student loan debt is estimated at over $1.4 trillion between 44 million Americans. This burden has made employer-provided student loan benefit packages more popular. Companies using student loan benefit programs have had great results attracting and retaining talent. What makes one student loan benefit package better than another? It can be difficult…

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Financial Wellness Programs Relieve Employee Stress

Reducing Financial Stress Increases Employee Productivity According to a recent survey conducted by the International Foundation of Employee Benefit Plans, two-thirds of employers offer financial wellness programs to help their employees manage personal finances. Not surprising, considering 80% of employers agree that employees’ personal finances impact job performance. Employers offering…

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Who Benefits from Employer-Sponsored Student Loan Assistance Programs?

The rising cost of higher education correlates to the rising demand for an educated workforce. As more people pursue college degrees, the number of working Americans with student loan debt grows. Fortunately, the number of employer-sponsored student loan assistance programs is also growing to meet the demand. This emerging benefit…

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IonTuition Talent Perspective Report
IonTuition’s New Survey Shows a Workforce Eager for Student Loan Benefits

IonTuition surveyed 2,712 employed adults who had dealt with student loan borrowing and repayment to learn more about what kind of student loan assistance options would be most effective for them. We found that: More than 50 percent (51.3%) of respondents don’t recall receiving counseling Nearly 60 percent (59.6%) of those who report feeling…

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Student Loan Repayment Assistance: Employee Benefits
IonTuition Launches Student Loan Benefits Platform for Employers

IonTuition’s service provides student loan repayment assistance with counseling and tools as a benefit for employees with student debt. In a recent survey of managers, IonTuition found nearly all saw value in offering their employees benefits such as student loan repayment assistance. In fact, 70 percent of respondents believe that…

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Employees need more than student loan repayment assistance benefits feature image
Employees need MORE than student loan repayment assistance benefits

Student loan repayment assistance has become the hottest new workplace benefit, and for a good reason. Students graduate from college with thousands of dollars in student loan debt. As a forward-thinking employer, your first reaction is probably to jump on the student loan assistance bandwagon to help fuel your recruitment…

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Employee benefits, financial wellness, student loans
Common-sense benefits for employees stressed about student loan debt

Stress is a factor in everyone’s life. The main source of stress is financial concerns, according to the American Psychological Association. Almost three-quarters of adults report they’re stressed about money at least part of the time and 64% cite money as their top source of stress. The impact of that…

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