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i3 Group publishes student financial success playbook

iontuition’s sister company, i3 Group, has released a new playbook for schools to improve student financial success and student loan repayment. “Improving your CDR: A Best Practice Playbook for Higher Education Professionals” offers both long-term strategies and short-term tactics schools can use to improve the financial success of their students.…

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These student loan statistics are meant to help you, not scare you [infographic]

With the amount of student loan debt rising, it is important to understand your personal financial responsibility. GOOD Magazine recently published an article packed with the statistics below. If you find yourself falling into any of these stats, we invite you to check out where you can contact our…

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What you should know about student loans [infographic]

The total amount of student loan debt in the U.S. is continuously rising, which poses as an issue to many. Becoming educated on all aspects of student loans will help you avoid the burden of debt. This infographic provides statistics every borrower should be aware of. Educate yourself by reading…

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