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The Mysterious Case of the Poorly-Defined Living Expenses – ionGuest, Sarah Noelle of The Yachtless

Do you spend your student loans on “living expenses?” Read this borrower’s advice. I’ve been carrying some amount of student loan debt for over eight years, ever since I started my first graduate program back in 2007. Now, you might be thinking that I took these loans out to cover…

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financial literacy trends, survey, financial aid
Annual report reveals top trends in college financial literacy programs, the leading education-fintech company that specializes in helping borrowers monitor and manage their student loans, today released results from its recent survey of financial aid professionals who said that financial literacy programs could benefit from better integration of technology and stronger communication with students after they graduate.

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Cool Stuff #15: Balancing your education and your job

I find myself having a difficult time trying to find the perfect balance between school and work. With both of these being extremely important in my life, I knew I had to develop a process that would help me be successful in both endeavors. I am sure many college students are experiencing the same issue I am, and this is why I decided to write about what I do to achieve a workable balance

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