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Survey shows borrowers are in the dark with their student debt

iontuition™ conducted a new survey that shows many student loan borrowers don’t know their interest rate or who their loan servicer is among other important details.

The October 2015 iontuition survey found that too many student loan borrowers are ill-equipped when it comes to managing the numerous and unfamiliar repayment options available to them. With more than 40 million Americans possessing student debt, the lack of information impacts millions of often young borrowers with limited personal finance experience.

“Our survey shows that there is a need for specialized assistance and tools to manage student loans – from borrowing to paying off,” said Balaji “Raj” Rajan, CEO of Ceannate Corp., parent company of iontuition. “We are experts in working with student borrowers – and today offer so that colleges and employers can help their key assets, their people, get on the road to financial wellness.”

Read the full press release at PR Newswire.

View the survey results infographic here.

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