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Save hundreds a year with iontuition’s new ionPerks program

We are excited to announce ionPerks, a one-stop-shop for iontuition members to access thousands of exclusive perks and discounts on products and services from within their iontuition account.

ionPerks provides access to exclusive discounts from a wide variety of categories. Whether it’s the latest tablet at Best Buy, college text books at, a late night study session at IHOP, or a latte from the local coffee shop, ionPerks has a unique discount for every user. There are even discounts on services like Uber, AT&T and Wyndham Hotel Group. ionPerks is accessible from any device so members can access their discounts on the go.

“By integrating a perks program into our platform, we’re helping our employer and school clients provide even more value to their workforces and students,” said Balaji “Raj” Rajan, CEO of iontuition. “Our users will now benefit from discount offers that help their dollars go as far as possible while they plan their student loan repayment.”

To access ionPerks, login to your iontuition account and click ionPerks. The discounts are already waiting for you! If you don’t have an iontuition account, create an account now – the membership will pay for itself with your exclusive ionPerks discounts. Make sure to check with your school or employer to see if they have a referral code.

Read the full press release about ionPerks!

UPDATE: ionRewards has changed to ionPerks! We’ve updated this post to reflect the change.


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