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Can you Trust College Rankings?
How Do You Compare Colleges?

Forbes and Time Money recently released their college rankings lists for this year. Each publisher has a different methodology for deciding which schools to include and how they are ranked. Both Forbes and Time Money filtered 5,000+ colleges in America down to around 700 by looking at only “public or private nonprofit colleges…

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college decision ft image
3 tips for making your final college decision

Congratulations on getting into your top three schools! It may seem like the hard part is over, but the hardest part of all – committing to a school – has just begun. The college admission process is filled with daunting deadlines, and a very important one is approaching: College Decision…

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Celebrate financial literacy month with these top financial literacy articles

April is Financial Literacy Month, and although we like to provide financial literacy best practices throughout the year, we’re glad April is dedicated to highlighting the importance of establishing healthy financial habits. To celebrate, we’re rounding up our best financial literacy articles. We’ve broken this into three sections: Top financial…

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Header image: Financial aid professionals and students are not on the same page
These three statistics highlight the disconnect between financial aid pros and students

We recently conducted two surveys in an effort to better understand how people experience student loan borrowing and repayment. The first survey, which received the name “Borrowers in the Dark” asked students and graduates with student debt questions about their student loan knowledge. If it wasn’t obvious from the title,…

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The Mysterious Case of the Poorly-Defined Living Expenses – ionGuest, Sarah Noelle of The Yachtless

Do you spend your student loans on “living expenses?” Read this borrower’s advice. I’ve been carrying some amount of student loan debt for over eight years, ever since I started my first graduate program back in 2007. Now, you might be thinking that I took these loans out to cover…

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cohort default rate, CDR, webinar
Webinar – Ignore the draft! How to improve your CDR so draft season isn’t stress season

Draft cohort default rates for higher education institutions have been released, which inevitably causes many financial aid and default prevention professionals to stress. Sound familiar? If so, we invite you to change the way you think about draft season. Register for our webinar “Ignore the Draft! How To Improve Your…

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financial literacy trends, survey, financial aid
Annual report reveals top trends in college financial literacy programs, the leading education-fintech company that specializes in helping borrowers monitor and manage their student loans, today released results from its recent survey of financial aid professionals who said that financial literacy programs could benefit from better integration of technology and stronger communication with students after they graduate.

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