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Download the 2018-2019 Standards for Student Loan Guidance & Contribution Programs
New Standards for Student Loan Benefit Programs

Student Loan Guidance & Contribution (SLGC) programs have become the hot benefit for attracting and retaining college-educated talent. With numerous companies offering various versions of SLGC,  it’s hard to know what should be included in your benefits. A voluntary benefit should show a return on investment in the form of recruiting and retaining employees. In…

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Student Loan Statistics
Student Loan Statistics

Millions of Americans have taken out student loans to afford college for themselves or their dependents. National statistics reveal how student loans became a crippling economic concern. Employers have an opportunity to offer a student loan repayment benefit that can mitigate the American student debt crisis — as well improve…

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why offer student loan assistance?
5 Reasons to Offer Student Loan Assistance

There’s a common misconception that voluntary benefits are expensive and difficult to manage. Many employers wonder why they would add strain to their budget and human resources beyond health insurance and paid time off. IonTuition recognizes that many businesses have trepidation about implementing a new benefit. There are a number…

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Millennials Prefer Student Loan Benefits in 2017

Student Debt: A Growing Problem for All Employees 2017 Report Since 2015, student loan borrowing has increased with nearly 4 million additional students and parents taking out loans. We conducted surveys polling over 1,000 student loan borrowers each in 2015 and 2017. Then we compared the results. Our data shows…

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How good is your student loan benefit program?

Student loan debt is estimated at over $1.4 trillion between 44 million Americans. This burden has made employer-provided student loan benefit packages more popular. Companies using student loan benefit programs have had great results attracting and retaining talent. What makes one student loan benefit package better than another? It can be difficult…

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Financial Wellness Programs Relieve Employee Stress

Reducing Financial Stress Increases Employee Productivity According to a recent survey conducted by the International Foundation of Employee Benefit Plans, two-thirds of employers offer financial wellness programs to help their employees manage personal finances. Not surprising, considering 80% of employers agree that employees’ personal finances impact job performance. Employers offering…

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The Real Cost of Employee Turnover

Understanding the Bottom Line It’s expensive to replace an employee. The Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM) estimates the average cost-per-hire at $4,129.1 From advertising job vacancies to researching candidates to coordinating interviews, the turnover process can strain any company’s resources. The value of retention efforts is never clearer than…

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Who Benefits from Employer-Sponsored Student Loan Assistance Programs?

The rising cost of higher education correlates to the rising demand for an educated workforce. As more people pursue college degrees, the number of working Americans with student loan debt grows. Fortunately, the number of employer-sponsored student loan assistance programs is also growing to meet the demand. This emerging benefit…

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Talent Perspective: Student Loan Repayment Benefits in the Workplace

As businesses look to help employees with their student loan debt, they should consider the variety of assistance programs available. There are options for employers who find refinance programs too restrictive or contribution payments prohibitive. With IonTuition, we’ve built a platform that puts repayment optimization in any employee’s grasp, with or…

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