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If you have student loans you will want this resource [infographic]

Whether you’re an incoming student, undergrad, graduate, or alum, iontuition™ offers learning modules and live counseling to help you successfully manage your student loans. Even under the most challenging circumstances, we work with students to find repayment plans that work best for each individual borrower. For more information on iontuition, check…

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Cool Stuff #4: Why streaming with Spotify is music to college students’ ears

I downloaded Spotify and was instantly intrigued. Among the vast array of music, there was so much for me to explore. I loved how I could find a playlist that was tailored to whatever mood I felt. The elements of self-expression and sharing is something I really like about the app too; the playlists that you create can be followed by your friends and vise versa.

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Don’t Default on Your Loans! Uptown Funk Parody [video]

State University of New York-Cobleskill’s financial aid office offers up this musical take on student loan repayment. For more information about student loan management tools, check out Each week we’ll bring you videos and presentations from the world of student loan finance. We know that there is no single solution…

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